Logistics Outsourcing 2.0

Reinvent your 3PL relationship

There are breakthrough opportunities in logistics outsourcing.

Instead of the standard dollar-and-cents procurement model, we use a collaborative methodology to reassess business needs and unlock win-win potential with your 3PL.

A better integrated 3PL will deliver better results in cost containment and service performance.

Our scope

In logistics outsourcing 2.0

Business needs assessment

RFP management

Opportunity identification

Workshop facilitation


Integrated execution plan

3PL contract structuring

Relationship management strategy

Better 3PL integration

0 %

warehouse utilization uplift
FMCG manufacturer

0 %

reduction in logistic budget
Vehicle equipment manufacturer

0 %

transport budget reduction
FMCG manufacturer

0 %

reduction in logistics budget
Quick serve restaurant chain

Outsourcing transformed Asian logistics performance from the mid 1990’s onwards.  While still growing, the sector appears to have entered a ‘rut’ in which clients feel underserved and 3PLs feel underpaid.

Our specialists (mostly with 3PL backgrounds) know how to bridge the gap between clients and 3PLs in order to facilitate innovation and the provision of enhanced service at lower cost.

clients who trust us

The root cause of most outsourcing problems we come across is in the set-up of the Client-3PL relationship.

Henry Tenang

General Manager

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