Forecasting & Inventory Management

Service fulfilment with minimum inventory

Competent forecasting and inventory management is critical to reduce missed sales and avoid capital being tied up in wrong inventory.

By better integrating planning with the realities of the physical distribution network (including recognising the challenges of data harvesting), planning processes can be simplified, thus achieving better results through less effort.

Our scope

In forecasting & inventory management

Capability review

Clockwork operations foundation

Forecasting tools

Needs & requirements assessment

Inventory policies

Process optimisation

Data analysis

Data harvesting setup

Service is the key

0 %

reduction in network inventory
FMCG manufacturer

0 %

product availability (up from 68%)
FMCG manufacturer

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more efficient planning process
Beverage manufacturer

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sales growth (through product availability)
FMCG distributor

The ‘protective’ building of inventory buffers has long undermined distribution performance while adding cost and complexity to businesses.


Our specialists combine hands-on comprehension of distribution practices with detailed data analysis to model and then develop solutions that simplify operations and massively enhance transparency.

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Too much network inventory undermines cashflow, accountability and performance.



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