Cost Reduction Analysis

Fight back against inflation

Raw material, packaging and logistic costs have all risen beyond what can be passed on to the consumer.

Through a 360° analysis, we identify cost reductions in warehousing, transport and logistics outsourcing without impacting service levels or squeezing vendors.

We frequently find revenue uplift opportunities through improved product availability.

Our scope

In cost reduction analysis

Operational streamlining

Manpower audit

Future costs projection

Opportunity identification

Performance audit

Define current cost structure

Stakeholder alignment

Project implementation

Warehouse design

Needs & requirements analysis

We can always find savings

0 %

reduction in headcount
FMCG Distributor

0 %

reduction in network inventory
FMCG manufacturer

0 %

reduction in transport budget
FMCG manufacturer

0 %

warehousing budget reduction
FMCG distributor

Cost control remains the #1 agenda item for many businesses.  There are always savings to be found within the logistics functions and through improved integration across the supply chain.

Our team members all come from cost-driven environments.  They know where to find savings and how to streamline and simplify operating processes.

clients who trust us

The drive for cost reduction will often deliver sustainability benefits and support ESG compliance.

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