Built-To-Suit Warehousing

Reduce Operating Costs

We’ve designed a breakthrough program to futureproof your warehousing:

  1. Establish your real warehousing needs
  2. Work out best approach and justify the development
  3. A tailored one-stop delivery program for your specific needs
  4. Manage the program through to achieving target KPIs (Savings!)
  5. Minimal upfront investment required
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Operating cost reduction

Where are the savings?

Conventional warehouse vs semi-automated warehouse comparison
End-to-end project management
End-to-end project management

Why it works


Low interest rates with abundance of capital has investors interested to fund logistics property and automation. Minimal funding commitment required from you.


Well-designed automation builds in reliability, scalability, flexibility, operating cost stability and protection against labor disruptions due to pandemics or other causes.


With the development externally resourced and funded and up to a 30% drop in operating costs at go-live, this solution makes complete financial sense.


We are expert warehouse designers with deep operational experience. Our designs detail every aspect of the facility to ensure efficient flows, accuracy and low-cost performance.


A build-to-suit warehouse is massively efficient and delivers significant savings in carbon emission. Achieve your ESG targets and the investor’s GRESB target.


A dedicated program director controls all aspects of design, build, commissioning and go-live, protecting your interests and delivering on the cost and service targets.


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compliance with ESG targets
FMCG manufacturer

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increased storage capacity
Automotive manufacturer

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total headcount reduction
FMCG manufacturer

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operating cost reduction
FMCG national distributor

This window or opportunity for migration into better warehousing operating at substantially lower costs has been created by global economic circumstances – most notably, the ready availability of low-cost capital.

LCA Savills is uniquely positioned to deploy and coordinate the full range of skill sets required to precisely evaluate your needs and then design and deliver the solution – right through to ensuring that performance expectations are achieved, and operating budgets met. 

clients who trust us


2 reasons:

  1. Unprecedented investor interest in the supply chain sector means that there is now both abundant funding and openness to alternate models that will attract quality tenants
  2. We have created a multi-discipline team with all the relevant supply chain and property skill sets required to deliver an end-to-end solution. This has not been done before in Asia (as far as we are aware).

3 reasons:

  1. We are experienced professionals with a track record in always meeting or exceeding client expectations – which means the warehouse hitting performance and productivity targets
  2. We assign a dedicated program director specifically to protect your interest and to deliver the facility to plan
  3. A substantial portion of our renumeration will be based upon meeting agreed KPIs

We find savings through streamlining of flows and processes, however automation (where applicable) can be impactful in reducing operating costs

As soon as you migrate into the new facility, you will get financial savings of a lower operating costs plus the qualitative benefits in sustainability, accuracy and response times.

Automation can deliver huge savings at very low risk if tried and tested equipment is selected. The design, procurement and implementation must also be managed by experienced specialists.

The option exists to either directly lease the facility or for lease to be arranged through your selected 3PLs. If required, we are able to organize a 3PL tender process for the latter.

We recognize that internal project resourcing can be a challenge. We assign a dedicated program director to marshal our multi-disciplinary resources who handle the workload. The program director ensures that you have full transparency to support decision-making throughout the entire process.

Very little. The only upfront cost is a commitment fee to fund needs analysis and concept design. Thereafter, all costs can be wrapped up in the developer’s budget and included as a minor increment in the rental. So effectively you migrate into a better, lower cost facility with extremely low investment.

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