Fulfilment Uplift & Reliability

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Reducing missed sales through reliable on-time, in-full deliveries is one of the best ways for a business to grow revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Holistically reviewing forecasting, demand planning, inventory policies, logistics execution and data harvesting/usage, we find ways to simplify the end-to-end process and increase product availability.

Our scope

In fulfilment uplift & reliability

Operational diagnostics

Integrated planning & execution

Capabilities assessment

Visibility & tracking

Infrastructure upgrades

Data harvesting setup

Scheduling & cut-off times

Supervision & disciplines

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availability uplift for distributors
FMCG manufacturer

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sales growth through enhanced product availability
Beverage manufacturer

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reduction in on-shelf stockouts
Personal care retailer

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store replenishment frequency at a lower cost
Sports retailer

Increasing product availability is often the most direct way to increase bottom-line numbers while building customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The opportunity is often missed because a business does not have the means of auditing itself and identifying the 3-4 changes that will make the difference.

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Product unavailability is probably the single greatest factor limiting growth.

Henry Tenang

General Manager

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