Capacity Uplift & Business Scaling

Get better as you get bigger

Business growth may challenge the logistics function but it also opens up opportunities for cost reduction.

The usual bottleneck is warehousing. Through the right design, the utilization of assets (existing or new) can be maximized to gain both productivity and qualitative benefits.

We address the big question: improve the utilization of what you have or move on to a fit-for-purpose facility?

Our scope

In capacity uplift & business scaling

Transport configuration

Needs assessment

Materials handling appraisal

Manpower audit

Warehouse design & layout

Automation options

Operational streamlining

Inventory projections

Using growth to cut costs

0 X

increase in warehouse capacity
Automotive manufacturer

0 %

of product direct from line into container
FMCG manufacturer

0 %

lift in network storage capacity
Beverage manufacturer

0 %

reduction in warehousing unit cost
FMCG distributor

Growth can present an excellent opportunity to reduce unit costs through either squeezing more into existing facilities or migrating to a new facility designed for better performance.

Whether it’s in existing warehouses or designing for the future, our hands-on team knows how to maximize benefits by sweating the asset.

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Scaling up can be a brilliant opportunity to escape from legacy infrastructure and processes – achieving more with less.

Lars Amstrup


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