How to deliver a pallet load of product by bicycle

Transport & last mile cargo delivery by bicycle, agile fast access to last mile delivery points, bicycle trailer that carries 1 pallet load of cargo, detachable trailer that can enter customer retail shops, urban logistics optimization

Reduce your warehousing cost by 25%

Right warehouse design, right automation, right property deal to reduce operating cost by 25%. 60% operator head count reduction, flexibility for product & throughput changes. 6 months payback. Upgrade warehouse to be better fit for your business

Rage against the Supply Chain Environment

Transport transformation, 24% savings by migrating to dedicated trucking, dictate trailer design, mandate truck readiness, unload trucks within specified window, end to end operating discipline, logistics end of line scapegoat for upstream shortfalls

Are we really entering a new era in 2021?

What might happen in 2021: More warehouse automation, more transport automation, cost is still king despite calls for increased robustness. What should happen: FMCG to reinvent the general trade, more women on the warehouse floor, motorcycle truck