Some businesses need their supply chain reinvigorated - but just don't have the bandwidth to make it happen. Recruiting is an option, but there is no guarantee that sourcing, inducting and empowering a new internal resources will deliver the desired results.

Term Transformation Management is a recent, but proven, approach that allows our clients to achieve supply chain transformation without taking on permanent resources. To deliver transformation, LCA will embed a small team of skilled resources to manage the supply chain function (or specific sub-functions) for a contracted period. This team will work to a development brief that includes internal staff development and the structured hand-back of a well functioning department able to deliver to higher performance standards.

Best of all, much of the team's resource cost can be funded through the rolling benefits that they deliver.

This service evolved through experience working with clients:

  1. For whom logistics outsourcing is not a viable option
  2. Unable to secure the right resources to drive the necessary change

Project remuneration is through a:

  1. Moderate cost-plus fee for the assigned resources
  2. Gain-share based upon results delivered

Term Transformation Management works because:

  1. The team works towards specific quantifiable goals, free of the in-house dynamics that frequently derail projects
  2. The team leader rotates resources to apply the right skills at the right time
  3. Gain-sharing maintains motivation while much of the funding can be found in operational savings achieved