LUCIA Distributor Management System (DMS)

Sales, operations, inventory and warehouse management tool to enable smooth operations and visibility.

LUCIA DMS enables distributors to manage their sales and logistics operations professionally, while automatically reporting relevant sales, inventory, retail outlet & performance information to the respective manufacturers.

LUCIA DMS is built on a solid WMS core, it gains rapid ‘buy-in’ from distributors because it is easy to use and streamlines their operation by driving operational efficiencies, inventory accuracy and simplifying (or removing) the reporting burden. The system can be configured (by users) to meet their specific environment and can be integrated with existing accounting systems. It also supports Sales Force Automation (SFA) – either through LUCIA SFA or through interfacing with existing systems.

How LUCIA DMS works from replenishment, inbound to outbound

  • Sales order entry

    Sales orders can be imported from any Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools, via ADI, or may be keyed in manually. Discount type (by value, by percentage, etc.) can be specified and calculated based on order quantity, unit price and/or promotion. Multiple levels of discounts are supported.

For the principal

Full Control of Your Distribution Network
You are able to instill pricing, promotions and operational control of your products across the network. Controls can be customised to your choice of granularity – by product type, channel type, distributor – down to outlet level if desired.

High Adoption Rate at Your Distributors
LUCIA DMS is currently installed at hundreds of sites across the region – distributor adoption rate is remarkably high in random comparisons with competitor products. This high adoption rate is testament to the fact that the product was designed to be workflow-driven, with the distributors’ ease of use in mind, whilst instilling necessary disciplines.

Real-time Operational Data Gathering
Data for LUCIA DMS is gathered through the operational processes it drives; not as an after-thought extraction process.

For the distributor

Full Control and Visibility of Your Sales and Supply Chain
You now have full control and visibility of your sales and stock movements at your fingertips – down to Location management in LUCIA DMS ensures that your warehouse is optimally utilised, whilst your stocks are regulated with expiry date management (FEFO).

High Level of Discipline Enforced, Reducing Human Errors
Your inbound, put away, ordering, replenishment, picking, packing, despatch and POD processes – among others – is now fully system-suggested. This ensures that LUCIA DMS is now your memory-bank and logic processor when handling your sales and supply chain operations – no longer dependent on manual tracking.

Automated Claims Resulting in Faster Processing
Your claims are now able to be processed within the system, with required hardcopy documents, resulting in better tracking and faster processing.