LUCIA Control Panel (CP)

LUCIA CP allows central management of master data as well as individual sites when used conjunctively with LUCIA DMS. Data can be disseminated on a per site basis – ensuring that each site receives only relevant information.

Among the types of master data that can be managed and disseminated to the sites are:

  • Product master and product categorization
  • Outlet categorization
  • Sales forecasts (used in conjunction with LUCIA DMS automated reordering)
  • Product pricing and promotion

How LUCIA DMS works from replenishment, inbound to outbound

Full Control
Many manufacturers face the challenge of ensuring the right information reaches the right people at the right time across a multi-site distribution network. LUCIA BI enables you to share and view identical data – internally among headquarters, regional sales, field sales; and externally with your distribution network… One Version of the Truth. Collaboration at all levels is enabled with either shared dashboard views or targeted emailed reports, ensuring performance management, predictability and transparency throughout the organisation. Of course, robust security settings in LUCIA BI ensure that access is customised by user to strictly allow view of relevant information only.

Pricing and Promotions Control
LUCIA CP’s promotions module enables you to design and deploy targeted, multi-level promotions. It enables you to design and set your product pricing and promotions according to what makes sense in your market. Detailed and flexible configurations are easily set to ensure your distribution network is able to execute on your strategies. Such as configurations which can be customised and controlled by any hierarchy variable (ie by site, by channel, by product type, etc) and these settings are automatically dispersed to the sites by the system. Some additional features, allows you to set the parameters for your various types of incentives – by maximum value or volume, by duration, by distributors, by outlets, triggers for promotions are highly configurable, automates your claim process with your network, and enables targeted promotions and claims reporting.

Centralised Master Data Management
LUCIA CP allows for central management of master data as well as filtering for individual sites. Data can be overridden on a per site basis, ensuring that each site gets the data in a manner that is most accurate for them. For example, when creating SKUs in LUCIA CP, the individual sites that are to receive the SKU can be defined. More importantly, promotions and product launches can be designed and deployed in a targeted manner.

Guided Data Sync Process
Together with LUCIA DMS, LUCIA CP provides the distributor with notifications of new available information such as new SKUs and shipment details. The system automatically detects the availability of new information and downloads it for loading. Users are also guided through the synchronisation process when input is required from them or when existing information is being updated.


Centralised Full Control of Your Distribution Network
LUCIA CP provides you with centralised control over your distribution network wherever you may be located. It is the single control panel you will need to set, control and manage distributors, products, pricing, promotions, targets, etc.

Seamless Master Data Integration
LUCIA CP can either manage your master data, or integrate seamlessly with your core systems. We have successfully integrated with Tier 1 systems like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and Microsoft Dynamics; as well as smaller back-office packages like UBS.

Centralised Security Settings
LUCIA CP also allows central control of security settings from user creation to access levels for reports and operations.