LUCIA Business Intelligence (BI)

LUCIA BI is a Business Intelligence platform specifically designed to deliver visibility and control over sales and supply chains operations, and complement and feed corporate BI systems. LUCIA BI is an on-demand business intelligence application that offers an inexpensive but powerful sales and supply chain analytics solution.
It provides real-time visibility of the sales and supply network to support effective decision making. Complemented by LUCIA CP (Control Panel), it provides the means to take effective action in the management of sales and distribution networks.

How LUCIA BI works for Sales, Supply Chain, IT & Trade Marketing

  • Daily Performance Tracking

    Track sales performance on a daily basis and reveal your sales trend immediately as well as highest and lowest sales figures by sales representatives, by distributors, or by product categories. You can also select start and end dates of any preferred time period.


Full Visibility of Your Distribution Network
LUCIA BI allows you to view your entire distribution network at your fingertips. Data is granular down to the most detailed level available (ie salesman or outlet level); and customisable to your viewing requirements with a single click (ie by product category, by channel type, by SKU, etc).

Informed Decisions Based on Pre-set Industry Best Practice Indicators
LUCIA BI has pre-set key performance indicators to ensure effective reviews of sales and supply chain operations. It’s dashboard provides you with a customisable platform for a one-glance gauge of the health of your operations.

One Version of the Truth
The customised dashboard and views can be bookmarked and easily shared across the organisation – for a common, predictable and undisputed platform in meetings and reviews. The principal may choose whether or not to share these views with their distributors to enable more effective business discussions and decisions.