Specialists in the development and deployment of supply chain solutions for emerging markets.

Managed Services

Distribution Network Accelerator (DNA) is our term for a transformational step-change in a business’ distribution capabilities, achieved through a unique managed service format.

Most manufacturers in emerging markets are massively constrained by their legacy distribution networks. These manufacturers know that their networks are underperforming, but they don’t know how to break the inertia and escape from the constraints that hold them back. They can only take comfort in the fact that their competitors are stuck with the same dilemma.

Our contention is that this is about to change. We have proven that distribution networks can be upgraded to provide sustainable sales growth and increased market penetration, while reducing cost per case delivered. This can be implemented without risk of service interruption and sustained by delivering clear benefits for each of the stakeholders in the network.

These benefits are achieved through building a foundation of:

  • Consistently high product availability
  • Reliable ‘Clockwork’ operations
  • Real time visibility of the distribution network operations

DNA is customised to meet product and customer profiles. The first step is an evaluation of the size-of-prize, undertaken (without obligation) by LCA.

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