To enhance response times and inventory control, a leading Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company sought to design a spare parts warehouse to house diverse products ranging from nuts/bolts to full aircraft engines. A major constraint was the limited plot size allocated for this facility within the airport complex.


  • Detailed volumetric analysis of future storage/throughput requirements
  • Design of a new structure that facilitated dense storage and rapid response pick operations
  • Integration of the new structure with surrounding (existing) facilities that were still sufficient for inbound/outbound and other ancillary functions
  • Systems redevelopment to incorporate bar-code scanning and paperless operations


  • Commissioning of the structure that could store and access a range of 70,000 line items
  • Improved product care and security
  • Full traceability of product life cycles (to retain inventory airworthiness and value)
  • “AOG” (Aircraft On Ground) fast response pick and dispatch
  • Closure of 13 small warehouses across the airport, with massively reduced headcount
  • Enhancement of the corporate image to grow the (international airline) client base