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Reduce your warehousing cost by 25%

Reduce your warehousing cost by 25%

It’s now possible to upgrade your warehouse infrastructure and achieve a lower operating cost – all with minimal investment.

LCA has now been consulting for almost 22 years. When we founded the business we anticipated that warehouse design would be one of our core services. It didn’t turn out as planned. We were probably only commissioned for about one warehouse design project per year during our first 15 years. There just wasn’t enough awareness that quality warehousing can make a difference.

Even worse, when we did get a commission, we would toil for weeks to design a near-perfect structure – only to watch executives’ eyes glaze over as we described its features. Yes, the warehouse might demonstrate improved cost effectiveness, but in most cases the savings were relatively marginal. This was in marked contrast to transport development projects where we could point to substantial and very tangible reductions in the invoices received from transport and freight vendors.

But times have definitely changed!

With good design, the right sort of automation and the right property deal, it’s now possible to upgrade to a warehouse that is both a better fit for the business and able to operate at a much lower cost.


Applying Right Design, Right Automation, Right Property Deal, our most recent project resulted in a solution that will:

  • Reduce operator head-count by 60%
  • Reduce operating cost by over 25%
  • Have inbuilt flexibility to cater for future product/throughput profile changes
  • Deliver pay-back on total investment (including migration costs) within 6 months

A range of business environmental factors appear to have aligned. We’ve certainly never seen a
more opportune moment for companies to upgrade warehousing capability than right now.

While it’s a great opportunity, there is real work to be done to get it right!

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