Fit-For-Purpose Warehousing

Reduce Operating Costs

We’ve designed a breakthrough program to futureproof your warehousing:

  1. Establish your real warehousing needs
  2. Work out best approach and justify the development
  3. A tailored one-stop delivery program for your specific needs
  4. Manage the program through to achieving target KPIs (Savings!)
  5. Minimal upfront investment required
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Operating cost reduction

Where are the savings?

Why it works


Low interest rates with abundance of capital has investors interested to fund logistics property and automation. Minimal funding commitment required from you.


We are expert warehouse designers with deep operational experience. Our designs detail every aspect of the facility to ensure efficient flows, accuracy and low-cost performance.


A new, well-built warehouse will be massively more effective in decreasing carbon emissions, allowing you to match growing regulatory requirements and meet your own ESG targets.


With the development externally resourced and funded, with up to a 30% drop in operating costs and with reduced risk, this solution makes complete financial sense.

Warehousing as a differentiator

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compliance with ESG targets
FMCG manufacturer

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increased storage capacity
Automotive manufacturer

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total headcount reduction
FMCG manufacturer

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operating cost reduction
FMCG national distributor

A window or opportunity for migration into better, lower cost warehousing has been created by global economic circumstances – most particularly the ready availability of low-cost capital.

We are uniquely positioned to deploy and coordinate the full range of skill sets required to precisely evaluate your needs and then design and deliver the solution – right through to hitting performance targets and operating budgets.

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