Specialists in the development and deployment of supply chain solutions for emerging markets.

Careers at LCA

We are a niche company that has delivered big results by pushing boundaries. The work we do in developing supply chain capabilities for emerging markets is cutting edge.

We are clear that there is massive growth potential within our emerging market domain if we continue to do more of the same…innovating in order to drive fundamental change in the ways that product reaches the consumer.

We are constantly on the lookout for resourceful people, of all ages, who thrive in a challenging environment and who seek responsibility and growth.

What we can promise is hard work and diversity within a non-hierarchical work environment….with the encouragement to take on more and grow to your full potential.

We need diverse skills and there is no particular ‘type’ that we seek, but it is people that subscribe to “What you get out of your job depends upon what you put into it.”