LCA has been designing innovative warehouses since our first project in 1999. However, it is only within the past few years that demand for skilled design input has been growing. We believe that it is only within this timeframe (within Asia) that the impact of quality warehouse design has become fully appreciated.

Designing a warehouse means finding the right balance across thousands of factors. A good warehouse designer takes a holistic approach and is constantly scanning and rescanning these design factors to find the special mix that will deliver operational effectiveness at the lowest possible cost.

Having tested and honed this approach over multiple design briefs, we have now created a breakthrough opportunity.

We’ve blended our warehouse design skills with Savills'* deep understanding of real estate dynamics, construction management and capital markets. Together we've designed a program to migrate businesses into:

  • Cost controlled leasing of a Built-to-Suit warehouse – with all aspects of the program externally funded
  • A facility specifically designed to meet the business’ future operational needs
  • A structure that is both sustainable and safe for the new environment
  • An operation able to run at (a minimum of) 30% lower cost

For many businesses, this will create game-changing competitive advantage.

We protect our clients with a structured end-to-end program (tailored to match the individual client’s situation) taking them right through to achievement of target savings.

Program structure:

Step 1: Feasibility study What is the size-of-prize?
Step 2: Business case approval Granular analysis & detailed design
Step 3: Procurement processes Securing the best deal
Step 4: Project execution Ensuring it all comes together
Step 5: Savings delivery Hitting targeted savings

Step 1 of the program is a feasibility study that identifies the size-of-prize available. This happens before any substantial commitment is required of the client.

The graphs illustrate the serious cost savings to be achieved through our Built-to-Suit approach.

Beyond cost, there are tangible business benefits that will be achieved through a facility designed to:
  • Match the business’ specific operational requirements
  • Minimize ‘noise’ and risk of error in the operation
  • Provide inbuilt flexibility/agility
  • Meet the latest environmental protection standards
  • Create a safe and attractive work environment
  • Reduce operational headcount and exposure to labour disruption
  • Minimise supervisory and administrative inputs
  • Enhance the corporate image

*Savills PLC is a global real estate services provider listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Employing of 39,000 staff across 600 offices, Savills offers the full spectrum of real estate advisory and brokerage services. In Asia Pacific, Savills operates 70 offices, with a strong presence in all major Southeast Asian markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.