LCA was founded in 1999 by a small group of supply chain professionals.

We were clear on what we wanted:

  1. We wanted to continue working together.
  2. We wanted to work with people we liked.
  3. We wanted to consistently deliver good value to our clients.

As we’ve grown, we’ve taken on people with distinguished corporate careers who love the type of experience and variety that our brand of work offers. It’s a group that, as individuals, get a buzz out of creating and delivering big wins.

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We’ve also come to realize how an external party - with a clear brief and senior sponsorship - can be much more effective than internal resources in driving change within an organization. We’re not kids. The average age of our team is probably in the mid to late forties.

We believe that we’ve thrived because of two factors:

  1. Our experience and practicality permits us to to ambitious on behalf of our clients – finding the big wins.
  2. We’ve stayed obsessive about exceeding client expectations wherever possible.
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