Specialists in the development and deployment of supply chain solutions for emerging markets.

Who We Are

LCA are specialists in the development and deployment of supply chain solutions for emerging markets.

LCA’s History

LCA was established in 1999 when a group of logistics practitioners joined together to pool their experience and diverse specialisations.

Our first customers were 3PL providers, seeking experienced resources to support contract start-ups, operational firefighting and systems implementations.

Over the following years, LCA brought in more people to broaden the service offering to cover most aspects of the supply chain.  We also broadened our client base to include manufacturers, distributors, retailers and investment houses.

At that stage the service offers were Consulting and Interim Management.

In 2005 we took on our first Transformation project – effectively rebuilding a manufacturer’s fulfilment capabilities to meet a fundamental business need. Since then, we have successfully undertaken a number of such projects with results such as:

  • 30% increase in sales (without any increase in plant capacity)
  • 30% reduction in annual transport bill
  • 56% increase in customer service levels (to regain market share)

LCA was awarded Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status in 2002.

In 2007 we again broadened our offering  with LUCIA, a specialised software to provide manufacturers with visibility and control over their distribution networks – particularly into the General (or Traditional) Trade sector.

In 2016 we launched Distribution Network Accelerator (DNA), a Managed Service designed to facilitate sales growth by reducing the complexity (and associated noise) of distribution networks.

We currently have a (growing) team of 30+ permanent staff, spread across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

LCA’s Differentiation

Our core differentiation is simple:

  • Our hands-on practicality of the services and solutions we develop
  • Our ability to make it happen on the ground
  • Our consistency in delivering to (and beyond) expectations

LCA’s Team

LCA has an exceptionally strong team, the core of which is made up of individuals with deep operational and development experience gained across the manufacturing, distribution, retail and 3PL sectors.

Where required, we supplement our 30+ permanent staff from a pool of specialist associates with whom we have long-standing relationships.

The depth and breadth of the team’s skills means that we deliver effectively and efficiently, every time…